Sterling Ranch Threatens Local Businessman !
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If they want local businesses to support their development they should not threaten them. However, I am happy to get the publicity!

Sterling Ranch Real Estate Development Information

A new homes development located near Roxborough Park will eventually include up to 12,000 new homes. It will be a master planned community with mixed use development. Sterling Ranch homes will be clean, modern, eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners approved the project in May of 2011. In 2012 the developers reached a deal with the Aurora Water District. The development will be served by  new entity, the Dominion Water and Sanitation District. The development will use a strategy of nature preservation and water conservation. Almost 40% of the development will be open space.

The development will be governed by an 11 member Community Authority Board. The area should develop similar to Highlands Ranch.

Initial construction is expected to start in 2015 and will feature a fabulous Town Center.

Sterling Ranch is located in Northern Douglas County near the Chatfield Reservoir.